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A.C.K. Info

The Band A.C.K. exists since 1985.
From the original Line-up left is Oli on the bass-guitar and Martin on the
"New" in the band is Ole the "Guitar-hero" (since 1993) and Mosti "the Shouter" (since 1999).
A.C.K. has developed their aggressive sound over the years to a fearful
Hardcore Beats interact with a wall of breath taking guitar riffs. And all
above this noise rises the shouter Mosti with his mixture of roughness and aggressive singing talent.
So you can say A.C.K. is a Hardcore Band par excellence for trash. But your
A.C.K. has the ability to flex surprising guitar hooks, breaks, tempi changes
and unforgettable melodies in their songs. And that is one of the two reasons why A.C.K. has sell over 7000 copies from their last CDs.
The other reason is their exploding performance on stage.
There are no stills in their live acting Show.
A good example is the show they played in summer 2003: A.C.K. was one of the rare bands, on the biggest Punk Open Air Festival in Germany, who has had the power and the strength to boil the 8000 people to sheer ecstasy.
A.C.K. has not only played in Germany, they have also played a lot of
international tours to Spain, Austria, Switzerland, and Czech.


1990 First LP named A.C.K.
1993 Second LP/CD "Heile Welt"
1995 CD Samler "Eat the Rich"
1997 CD Sampler "Plastikbomben" #1
1997 CD Sampler "Eat the Rich" #2
1997 LP/CD Sampler "Sicher gibt es bessere Zeiten " #6
1997 Splitsingle with "Hessenbastard"
1997 Magazine Sampler Plastic Bomb #19
1998 Third A.C.K. LP/CD "Mucha Policia"
1998 LP Sampler "Knuddelpunk"
1998 LP/CD Sampler "Im Zeichen des Pleitegeiers" #2
1998 LP Sampler "Knuddelpunk" '2
1999 A.C.K. 5 Track-Single "Das Letzte Wort"
2001 LP Sampler "Vorwõrts immer r³ckwõrts nimmer"
2002 Fourth A.C.K. CD/LP "Widerstand"
2003 CD Sampler "Peace Attack" #2